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Did you know that with ngk spark plugs the higher the number the cooler the plug. Conversely with champion plugs the higher the number the hotter the plug. Kind of confusing isn't it?

Thanks Casey
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Our Machine Shop is at the Top.......
With the latest in technology.............
We can CUT it....WELD it....BEND it..... and MEND it!!

The New Road King Trike. Codie Built!!

Codie becoming liscenced as a California SideCar Trike Tech.

Casey working with the Lathe


This is Joe in his thinking hat...
He will figure it out,
Don't worry about that.

There isn't a Harley he hasn't driven....
And we've totally lost count,
of the lessons he'

"Wonder Boy", Rusty......
Wonder when he will show up for work....
Wonder if he got any sleep last night....
Wonder how many girls will call for him today....
(We give him a lot of trouble, but he's a p

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