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Experts tell me that fatigue contributes to 20% of all accidents! Rest is important Before and during long trips. On multa-day rides sleep later in the morning and stop often for rest.

Thanks Casey
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bAll makes and models
bLittle dings or major crashes
bOriginal parts or a new custom look

Codie (Shop Manager) showing his skills.

Now he's bragging. That was no big deal!!

Codie Has a handle on it now.

Here is an old timer that needed some atention. The bike not me! Any way this is a 1980 FLT Harley Davidson we are going through.

The empty inside of a motorcycle transmission is scary isn"t it? Codie will have it togather in a flash. The spring on the ratchet was broken. A common problem and easy fix.

Codie is removing transmission parts from this softail. It wouldn't shift.

Tim is dreaming of four wheelers at night. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork. We repair all brands and can get most parts overnight. We also service and have parts for Chinese motorcycles and four wheelers.

Codie working with the automotive power lift.

More of the shop area.

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